Richard Walker

Richard WalkerRichard was born in the 1830's Norfolk Naval Hospital. Raised under the discipline of a Navy officer from Tennessee, Richard eventually put the military manner, demeanor and discipline gained at home to work as a waiter for 23 years, from Denny’s to a couple of the finest 5-star, white tablecloth venues.
He stumbled across his affinity for leather in 2004, at the Ramrod in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The first time anyone called Richard “Daddy”, he about freaked out. Like many, it started out as drag, a bit of sexy fun, a simple appreciation for the sensual look, feel, and smell. It took the loving attention of an exemplary leather boy to show him who he was and open his eyes to who he could become.
Old School in many ways, these are the parts of him he is hardwired to be Daddy or Sir. They are not roles to be played, but inner truth.
Getting involved with a partner in 2012 that identified and participated in leather and kink, strengthened the attraction and finally brought some eye-opening truths about his work as a massage therapist. That relationship was a difficult one to navigate to the point of denying that leather and kink were even in him. A tool that took a heavy toll, but ended up providing an undeniable challenge.
As introvert as he was (and still is), he mustered up the courage to attend a class at the Citadel. It was a beginner’s class but in the midst of it he had an epiphany. He realized that all the tools the presenters described as necessary for negotiating to play, engaging in, and executing a scene, especially in regards to BD/SM, were already in his toolbox and VERY well used … from performing all the therapeutic bodywork done through the years. It became clear that every treatment was an odyssey; a journey of self-discovery for the client (sub/bottom), and they arose from the table riding a wave of endorphins that often took them FAR from their bodies, that required them to sit for a spell to collect themselves before he deemed them safe to drive.
The shift in paradigm from massage therapy to BD/SM was a brief, simple and instantaneous. His years of experience as a therapeutic bodyworker was transformed into a road of discovery and an affirmation of a deep connection to leather and kink. In the end, Richard was left with a hunger he didn’t quite know how to satisfy – until he moved to San Diego; almost immediately discovering the brotherhood of the leather and kink community.
Daddy to many, Sir to a few, now he has an amazing leather boy, without whom, he would not have been able to reach the place he is in his life – including stepping up on stage in 2016 to win his first regional title, and getting up on stage for a national title would never have even been a wish, much less a reality.
Richard is something of a Renaissance Man, fairly read, worked as an illustrator in the adventure gaming industry for a few years, writer, gamer, nerd and geek, and studied voice at Kent State for a year,
He is a professional massage therapist (LMT/CMT), which he has done for the last 10+ years. He dishes out sports and medical massage, myofascial deep tissue, structural integration, with a judicious hand in North Hollywood for clients of all walks of life, changing lives one at a time with his bare hands.
With a total of 33+ years spent between hospitality and massage therapy, it is safe to say he knows service.