2018 WCOL Judges

Goddess Moon

IMG hiwngqMy name is Goddess Moon. I was Ms. Los Angeles Leather 2016 and Ms. Sanctuary Leather 2015 Titleholder. For the last 17 years I have been honored to be a part of this wonderful community. I am a Dominant Switch working at Sanctuary Studios. That does not mean I will submit to anyone. Nor am I a rug to be walked upon, I will trample you if you try. I started in 1999 going to OCLA meetings and workshops, becoming a part of the LA scene by attending DomConLA and meeting people. I love giving back and supporting our community by giving my time, money and self. From attending DomConLA annually, volunteering at Desire Leather Women Unleashed, Sin in the City, Leather H.E.A.T., IMsL, L.A. Dog Pound and Kinky Klaus Annual Toy Auction. I have Judged the Mr. Long Beach Imperial 2015 Contest, M.C.’d the first Los Angeles Pup Contest 2015, and Produced the 2016 Mr. and Ms. Sanctuary Leather Contest. Through the years I have made amazing friends and family, who are amazing in their own rights and I enjoy learning from them each time we are together. In 2011 with the help of two other amazing women in my life, I started on a kinky life dream of being a part of a kinky family. We are Circle Daybreak. We are a household of Women who define our kink our way.
My life Mottos are: There is no ultimate pleasure without ultimate pain. Live your truth and no one can stand in your way.

Pup Yoshi

pup yoshiPup Yoshi is Mr. Eagle562 Leather 2018, the first to hold the title, and was 2nd Runner Up for Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2018. He has been active in the Bear, Leather and Pup communities for over 15 years.

Yoshi’s service to the community has ranged from selling Jell-o shots and raffle tickets at fundraisers, to planning bar and weekend run events, and serving on the organizing committees for the Leather Tents at Long Beach Pride and Orange County Pride. He is a recipient of the Larry Wright Memorial Award from Bears LA in recognition of outstanding volunteer work.

Yoshi is a brother of the SoCal-Southwest Chapter of ONYX, serving on the Board of Directors as Road Captain. He is an active contributor to ONYX’s BDSM education program, including co-presenting a class on Pup Play at ONYX’s annual meeting, BLACKOUT.

He is an advocate for diversity, representation and inclusion in the Leather community, and has participated in forums and been a guest on podcasts to discuss these issues.

Yoshi is part of a leather family that includes his Sir and husband, Master Gary, and their boy, Andy. His kink interests include bondage, flogging/impact play, sports uniforms/gear and pup play, and enjoys fun with all types of Leather players in local, national and international venues.

Mistress Cyan

IMG 3513Pantheon of Leather / Woman Of The Year 2006 & 2009 
Mistress Cyan has been active in the BDSM and Leather Lifestyle for almost 30m years, and has been a Professional Dominatrix for just over 20 years. Considered a leader in each community, Mistress Cyan has received The Pantheon of Leather Woman of The Year in 2006 and 2009, as well as a TSR Viewers Choice Award for Lifetime Achievement, and has been named Mentor of The Year in 2007 and twice named Fundraiser of The Year by The Los Angeles Leather Coalition’s Southland Honors and received a commendation for leadership and support from The City of West Hollywood in 2007.The Central Canada Leather Association named her Icon of The Year in 2015. She has been judging leather contests all across the country and Canada since 2006. 
As an educator, Mistress Cyan has been a guest speaker and class instructor at a number of colleges and institutions of higher education such as UCLA, Stanford University, Cal State Long Beach, Cal State Northridge, Occidental University and more. She has also presented classes and conducted workshops throughout America and Canada for more than 15 years.6 
Mistress Cyan is the founder and executive producer of DomCon LA and DomCon Atlanta, both now in their 13th year. She is the producer of The Lair at AVN in Las Vegas, and owns the 7000+ sq ft Sanctuary Studios LAX, the largest dungeon in Los Angeles. She recently resigned as co-producer for The International Olympus Leather Contest to recover from a tough battle with cancer.    

Mina DeSade

DSC 0175 002

Mina De Sade(Fatale), Leather Womyn, lifestyle Domme, Sadomasochist, performance Artist and Lifestyle Head of House with a rich and varied tapestry of experience.  She is the title holder of the Ms. West Coast Olympus competition in 2008 & placed first runner-up in the 2008  Intl. Olympus Leather competition.

She been lucky enough to be Mistress of Ceremonies for DomCon Los Angeles, Atlanta and the first recipient of the Gio Micu award for assisting the Kink, Fetish & BDSM Communities.

She has served as a marketing assistant or producer for Montreal Fetish Weekend, Bondage Ball LA, Club Debauchery, the Sadist Hawkins Ball, Club Indulgence, and various Von Gutenberg events and publications.  As an international latex and leather educator, she has appeared in magazines & webzines such as Massad, Heavy Rubber #25, and Von Gutenberg issues 1, 2, and 3, Gothic BeautyMagazine & Shesmokes.com.

She has long shown a passion for being an educator of the BDSM, fetish, and kink arts. Hyr experiences include doing workshops for Stockroom LA and SF, Servitus SD, Sanctuary LAX, ClubWICK, Ladies In Charge of Kink (LICK), Gentlemen in Charge, DomCon LA, Atlanta, and NOLA.

When time permits, she works independently as a Mentor, educator and peer counselor in the Community spanning across the US and Canada. 

She has also garnered many years of experience as a trainer for individuals interested in entering the lifestyle, building household dynamics, the psychological and physical development of polyamory, beginning pro-Domination, and competing for Leather or Fetish titles, among other forms of kink-related counseling.

Pixie Mary

FB IMG 1498889987352 002Pixie Mary is International Ms. Olympus Leather 2017 as well as Ms. West Coast Olympus Leather 2016.  She identifies as a dominant switch. Pixie Mary has a passion for learning, service and most recently, educating.  Her journey into the BDSM/Kink community begun in the fall of 2011 in a conservative Midwestern town. Upon her return to California in the summer of 2014, she found the Leather community, and in it, she found a home.  She has dedicated herself to service in any way possible, while growing and evolving in turn. She has been able to utilize the platform of her title to travel and educate women on PrEP awareness.

Pixie Mary has a passion in giving back while supporting community that has given her so much by its existence as well as supporting near and dear causes close to home.  Her service looks a little different with every endeavor, some have been strictly monetary, others take moments of my time and yet others have meant so much more. Some of these impactful experiences include, Veterans Airlift Command, DomCon Los Angeles, San Diego Pride, Long Beach Pride, The Leather Realm, Mr. LA Leather, Inland Empire Leather Ambassadors,  Ms. LA Leather, DM at Sanctuary Studios LAX, and many bar events.

Pixie Mary is currently under consideration for Circle DayBreak.  Circle DayBreak is Kinky Family, comprised of Dominant women, established in 2011 to provide one another a safe space to learn and experience their Kinky grove.  This safe space, she explains, has allowed her to evolve from like-mindedness to finding a true expression in needle play wax play as well other forms of heavy to sensual styles of flogging, caning and spanking.

She does needle play demos and wax demos whenever possible.  She enjoys dominating others, needle play, spanking, canes, crops, fisting, wax play, fire play, and flogging.

Richard Walker

Richard WalkerRichard was born in the 1830's Norfolk Naval Hospital. Raised under the discipline of a Navy officer from Tennessee, Richard eventually put the military manner, demeanor and discipline gained at home to work as a waiter for 23 years, from Denny’s to a couple of the finest 5-star, white tablecloth venues.
He stumbled across his affinity for leather in 2004, at the Ramrod in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The first time anyone called Richard “Daddy”, he about freaked out. Like many, it started out as drag, a bit of sexy fun, a simple appreciation for the sensual look, feel, and smell. It took the loving attention of an exemplary leather boy to show him who he was and open his eyes to who he could become.
Old School in many ways, these are the parts of him he is hardwired to be Daddy or Sir. They are not roles to be played, but inner truth.
Getting involved with a partner in 2012 that identified and participated in leather and kink, strengthened the attraction and finally brought some eye-opening truths about his work as a massage therapist. That relationship was a difficult one to navigate to the point of denying that leather and kink were even in him. A tool that took a heavy toll, but ended up providing an undeniable challenge.
As introvert as he was (and still is), he mustered up the courage to attend a class at the Citadel. It was a beginner’s class but in the midst of it he had an epiphany. He realized that all the tools the presenters described as necessary for negotiating to play, engaging in, and executing a scene, especially in regards to BD/SM, were already in his toolbox and VERY well used … from performing all the therapeutic bodywork done through the years. It became clear that every treatment was an odyssey; a journey of self-discovery for the client (sub/bottom), and they arose from the table riding a wave of endorphins that often took them FAR from their bodies, that required them to sit for a spell to collect themselves before he deemed them safe to drive.
The shift in paradigm from massage therapy to BD/SM was a brief, simple and instantaneous. His years of experience as a therapeutic bodyworker was transformed into a road of discovery and an affirmation of a deep connection to leather and kink. In the end, Richard was left with a hunger he didn’t quite know how to satisfy – until he moved to San Diego; almost immediately discovering the brotherhood of the leather and kink community.
Daddy to many, Sir to a few, now he has an amazing leather boy, without whom, he would not have been able to reach the place he is in his life – including stepping up on stage in 2016 to win his first regional title, and getting up on stage for a national title would never have even been a wish, much less a reality.
Richard is something of a Renaissance Man, fairly read, worked as an illustrator in the adventure gaming industry for a few years, writer, gamer, nerd and geek, and studied voice at Kent State for a year,
He is a professional massage therapist (LMT/CMT), which he has done for the last 10+ years. He dishes out sports and medical massage, myofascial deep tissue, structural integration, with a judicious hand in North Hollywood for clients of all walks of life, changing lives one at a time with his bare hands.
With a total of 33+ years spent between hospitality and massage therapy, it is safe to say he knows service.

Sir Jack MacCullum

McCullumMr. Drummer North America 2017 and Mid-Atlantic Drummer 2016, has lived the kink, fetish and leather community for almost 38 years.  Coming out in 1980, a member of ACTUP San Francisco, an active member of Shanti Project San Francisco, and HIV+ activist.  He was a member of the leather scene of Los Angeles and San Francisco in the 1980’s and 90’s, as well as New York. He recognizes that times have changed and feels that individuals are acknowledging their fetishes at an earlier age now, and are more open to experimentation. Online internet activities have expanded these opportunities.  We must embrace this aspect of socializing.
 With interests from uniforms to fisting to power play and Sir/boy dynamics. His priorities are to get men to recognize their kinks and fetishes, be proud of them and to remain open minded in trying new things.  His monthly mens cigar social is popular and pulling men from all over New Jersey, and parts of Pennsylvania.  He is an avid motorcyclist that enjoys cycle play, especially on long rides. Beginning July, he’ll be hosting monthly BLUF socials and gatherings at the New York City Eagle.  Fetish dinner socials for all community members will begin in September.


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