Categories and Scoring

The Mr. and Ms. West Coast Olympus Leather judging panel will consist of 7 judges and will use straight scoring.

If a judge becomes incapacitated at any point, all of his/her scores will be discarded. It is at the sole discretion of the producers to determine if a judge is able to carry out his/her duties.

A minimum score for any category is one. Zero scores will not be permitted.

Categories for the Mr. and Ms. West Coast Olympus Leather Contest are Interview, Speech, Fantasy, Social Interaction and Comical Question.

Social Interaction (100 Points)

Social interaction begins with the Meet and Greet and concludes with the last category of the contest completed. It is important that the West Coast Olympus titleholders represent the title in an appropriate manner. Social interaction includes how a contestant conducts him/herself, interacts with others, presents a leather image, and dresses appropriately according to the image they are representing. Contestants should be confident, self-assured, and able to engage in conversations with the judges, their fellow contestants, and the public.

Score sheets for this category must be handed to the Tally Master after the last category of the contest Saturday night.

Interview (200 Points)

The interviews will take place Saturday afternoon in the interview room with the each contestant alone with the judges.

The contestants will receive a copy of the judges’ score sheets. Judges will sign their score sheets.

Comical Question (50 Points)

These will be written in advance by the judges and will not be disclosed to the contestants in advance since the contestants will be judged on their spontaneous answers. This segment of the contest will take place during the introduction of the contestants.

Speech and Formal Leather Image--Maximum 90 seconds (100 Points)

Judges will take the formal leather attire, content of the speech, manner of presentation, and time limits into consideration during this portion of the contest.

Fantasy (150 points)

Contestants are encouraged to present their creative sexual/fetish fantasies given their own individual fetish interests. The allotted time limit for the fantasy will be no longer than 4 minutes with an additional limit of 1 minute for set up and 1 minute for tear down. There will be no complete nudity permitted during the fantasy scenes and all contestants must be ‘bar legal’ as required by the City of San Diego. No stage props will be supplied. There is no limit to the number of participants however, contest admission will only cover one participant, and currently International Olympus will only allow for 2 participants.  Please take this into consideration.  Stage props must weigh no more than 10 pounds each.

Tie Breakers

In the event of a tie between two or more contestants, Olympic scoring for the contestants who are tied will be instituted with the highest and lowest scores being dropped from the relevant contestants score sheets. Should a tie still be present, the contestant with the highest remaining "high scores" will be deemed the winner.  This means, using the high scores that were removed, adding up those scores, whichever contestant has the higher of the two "high-scores" would be declared the winner.

If there is only one contestant competing, that contestant must obtain a minimum 70 percent of the grand total.  There will be no rounding of the scores.

Maximum total per judge is 600 points. Times seven judges, the maximum possible is 4,200 points.


If a judge or any official becomes aware of any fraternization, including private meetings, sexual activity, or scene play, between a contestant and a judge, coordinator, tally master, emcee, judges’ assistant or anyone else who might be perceived as prejudicial to the outcome of the contest, he/she must make the producers aware of this. The producers have the right, at their discretion, to disqualify any involved parties.

Judges should not discuss contestants with each other, any official associated with the contest, any contestant, their friends, family members, or the producers until the conclusion of the contest. The only exception would be if a judge has a specific reason to make a situation known about a contestant to the producers or other judges. If this occurs, the judge will discuss the matter privately with the producers who will make a determination regarding disclosure to the other judges.

Eligibility Requirements

All contestants for the finals of the West Coast Mr. and Ms. Olympus Leather Contest must meet the following requirements:

Consent and Identification

Each contestant must be at least 21 years of age. Contestants will be required to sign a model release and provide photocopies of a government issued photo identification of themselves with their entry form.

Participants in the fantasies will be required to model release and provide photocopies of a government issued photo identification of themselves

Entry Fee

There is no contestant entry fee.

Travel Fund

Each contestant agrees to donate a basket of items with a retail value of $300 to be auctioned off during the contest. The proceedings will benefit the winners’ travel fund. The travel fund will be split equally between the two winners. The auction will take place on Saturday evening during the contest.


Contestants must compete in the region in which they live. West Coast Olympus includes Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington.

Title Year

The title year is defined as beginning when a contestant is named the winner of the Mr. and Ms. West Coast Olympus Leather Contest until the following year’s contest when a new winner is announced.

Expectations of the Winners

Each winner agrees to represent Mr. or Ms. West Coast Olympus Leather during the full year of their title. Winners are required to attend the following year’s Mr. and Ms. West Coast Olympus Leather Contest, make a step down speech, and to represent as a contestant in the International Mr. and Ms. Olympus Leather Contest. Winners are also expected to organize at least three charitable fundraisers during their title year.  Each must be within the West Coast Olympus region. Contestants choice events must benefit a 501c3 charity, the second be used to seed the next year’s winners’ travel fund and the other to benefit The Leather Foundation.

Each West Coast Olympus Leather titleholder agrees to submit a monthly account about what they have done as a titleholder and submit photos, which will be posted on the West Coast Olympus Leather website, Facebook, and other forms of social media.

Should the current winner not be able to fulfill his or her duties as current titleholder, the runner up or previous year’s (2015 only) titleholder will be offered the opportunity to step in and complete any unfulfilled obligations.

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